Stalker LPVO 34mm 1-10x28 MIL

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Marcool Stalker LPVO 1-10x28 is deliberately built for everyone from tactical professionals to backyard plinkers

TRD10 PRO 3.5x32 Day and Night Vision Scope

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New Product Launch!Especially for fun!



We have made efforts to build a rugged, reliable scope that will not break under any normal circumstances, and have implemented some of the strictest quality control measures in the industry. However, we know that things can go wrong, and therefore all Marcool riflescopes are covered by our  Lifetime Warranty. This includes lifetime cover for any riflescopes damaged through normal use, and requires no registration, proof of purchase or transfer.


If there is a problem, we will fix it.



We have always seen the need to support shooters – it is mutually beneficial in many ways. For one, we need honest feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of our products and services and feel that transparency is important. If we don’t listen to input from outside our core management, we have blind spots and can make stupid mistakes. This is particularly important when testing new, unreleased products that we can’t just hand out to random people. Furthermore, it is highly beneficial for us to have trustworthy, professional shooters representing us in their various fields, in essence being the face of Marcool Optics to those who can’t speak to us directly. We need you as the Marcool Pro team, who are “ambassadors” in the real world: Hunters, Competitors, Outdoorsmen, Pioneers!