Become A Dealer



Marcool Optics is to research, develop and produce high level products for law enforcement and commercial markets in the world.

We value long term partnerships based on respect, honesty and mutually beneficial dealings.

We support our partners and give them the resources to develop and grow alongside us.

We deliver partners tailored market support through product development, joint marketing programs, profitability and product reliability.

Marcool Optics is committed to development of innovative solutions that maximize consumer interest.


General Requirements


Requirements include, but are not limited to the following:


  1. In order to become an authorized dealer/distributor of Marcool Optics, you must have a fully staffed, brick-and-mortar retail location(s) with regular business hours and be able to provide quality facilities and services to customers. 

  2. Please include pictures of your location (warehouse, shop, or office), both inside and outside when submitting your completed questionnaire.

  3. Muse be sign and abide by the dealer MAP agreement (sales will email you).

  4. Minimum requirements are $1,500 initial purchase order in optics, must include a minimum of 3 different optic/sight SKUs. 

  5. Annual purchases totaling $10,000 or more is required to remain as an active account on Dealers not maintaining this status will be removed from our online listings and be considered a closed account. 

    (PS. if you are new business unable fulfill purchases amount please select drop-ship account option submit form) 

  6. Providing mis-information will result in an automatic disqualification of your application.

  7. Authorized dealer/distributor should train their employees to be able to introduce products in professional, honest and knowledgeable.